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The Net Lenses model: Sylvia Edwards' model for the experience of web-based information searching

Net Lenses: Understanding student experiences to enhance the learning environment

Thumbnail image of The Outcome Space Sept 2002
Understanding the experience of information searching: The Net Lenses Outcome Space

This site explains research results from a recently completed doctoral program into understanding the differences in student experiences of web information searching. In the future it will include exercises to encourage a deeper understanding of the experience of web information searching. The chart to the left provides the outcome space that maps the experience of web-based information searching for university students; and the Flash animation explains the Net Lenses model. In simple terms, the outcome space is a map that summarizes the findings from this phenomenographic study, and the flash animation gives you the breadth and depth of the research findings.

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Dr. Sylvia L. Edwards
24th March 2006

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